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No matter what make or model of freezer and what kind of storage boxes you use – our stainless steel racks with drawers are perfect for storing and clearly organizing a large number of samples.
Our high quality racks with drawers simplify your work. The samples are clearly arranged in the refrigerator or freezer and are always easily reachable because drawers can be individually opened.
In contrast to horizontal racks, which are loaded from the side and thus have to be completely removed, the drawers can be opened separately to access a specific box. The drawers have a gripping edge on the front, which can be used
even wearing special gloves. The bottoms of the drawers are closed to store small boxes or sample containers too. We can also provide you with drawers with a folding handle or an opening in the bottom.
To avoid pulling a drawer out all the way unintentionally, you can order the drawer racks with a pull-out stop at no extra cost.

Our drawer racks are manufactured to fit specific storage boxes.
Therefore, you will find racks for type A (136x136mm), type B (133x133 mm), type C boxes, as well as microtiter plates (86x128x18 mm), DeepWell plates, or any other kind of customized requirements.

Custom racks
If you need a particular rack, please send us your request. We will be pleased to send you a quotation.

To simplify finding a drawer rack inside your freezer, we offer low-cost numeric rack labelling at little extra expense. The numbering is laser cut into a small stainless steel plate (50x40mm). The lasered numbering is still easily visible, in contrast to an engraved or a sticker number, when the
racks are old and well-used. The stainless steel plate is spot welded on the front of the one or more drawers in the rack. Numbering from 1-99 is available. (Other labelling at extra charge.)

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