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For sample storage in chest freezers we offer you our vertical racks. They come with a folding handle on the top and, if requested, they are also available with an additional locking edge or rod.

To simplify finding a rack inside the chest freezer, we offer low-cost numeric rack labelling. The number ing is laser cut into a small stainless steel plate (50x40mm). The lasered
numbering is still easily visible, in contrast to an engraved or a sticker number, when the racks are old and well-used.


Structure of Item numbers
(example TB5011)
T = product group (T = vertical racks)
B = box type (here: B = 133x133mm)
50 = inner height of box (here: 50mm)
11 = number of compartments (above each other)

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Vertical racks

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T&M Vertrieb OHG Probenlagerung mit System

Sample storage with system.
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